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Fleet Discounts

Fleet Discounts for Touch-free Automatic wash

Big Bucket offers a generous fleet discount program purchase 10 Auto washes and receive 20% discount
purchase 40 Auto washes and receive 25% discount
with your own pin code and 12 months expiry

6th wash Free for Touch-free Automatic wash

Wen you wash at any of our touch free automatics while paying at the teller watch the display for the
"Print Receipt Yes - No" prompt,press the "Yes" button and hang to your receipt, when you have collected 5 bring them into your nearest Big Bucket any day between 9am and 4pm and our friendly attendant will give you a free equivalent wash to your 5 receipts.

Self Serve wash and Vacuum Tokens

Big Bucket offers Wash Tokens for our Self Serve and Vacuum customers, when you spend $100 on tokens you receive 120 tokens which is $120 worth of washing and vacuuming.

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