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Fleet Discounts

6th wash Free for Touch-free Automatic wash

When you wash at any of our touch free automatics ask our friendly attendant about our 6th Wash Free Card.
Once you have signed for the card you can use at any time 24hrs 7 days,
Just swipe the card before you make payment at the Teller and when you reach your 6th wash it will be FREE. You can continue to use the same card and it will restart the count and again your 6th wash will be FREE again.
Each time you swipe the card the screen will show you which number wash you are up to.

Self Serve wash and Vacuum Tokens

Big Bucket offers Wash Tokens for our Self Serve and Vacuum customers, when you spend $100 on tokens you receive 120 tokens which is $120 worth of washing and vacuuming.

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